Intensely Scented Handmade SoyTarts ~ Package of 6

Intensely Scented Handmade SoyTarts ~ Package of 6
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Intensely Scented Handmade SoyTarts ~ Package of 6
Enjoy our long-lasting soy tart melts in your favorite candle warmers or tart melters. We offer our soy melts in all of our scents. One Girl & Some Soy Soy Wax Tarts are sure to make you melt! Our selection of soy tarts are made with all natural soy wax and packed full of premium fragrances. Scented tarts are a great wickless alternative (and flameless depending on your choice of tart burners) to traditional candle burning.

Soy wax tarts are designed to be melted in electric tart warmers or tealight burners. Since there is not a direct flame, One Girl & Some Soy are even three times more fragrant than our selection of highly scented soy candles.

If you’re looking for a long lasting and very strong scent throw then make sure to try our ultra strong scented soy tarts today. They are 1 ounce each and individually shrink wrapped and labeled. Our selection of One Girl & Some Soy tarts make for a beautiful presentation. They are wonderful for giving as gifts and even for displaying in baskets inside your home. In fact, many consider these the best soy tarts available! You decide!

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use with an electric tart warmer or a tealight tart melter. Place tart in melter and turn on or light a tealight to melt. Always use melters within sight, out of reach from children and pets. Never move a hot melter! Allow ample time for wax to cool before attempting to handle warmer. Place warmer on an even surface to avoid spillage.

Available in: Package of 3 Package of 6 Package of 12 (assortment packs available at an additional charge)

We use 100% American Soybean wax, no fillers or partial blends of other waxes. We use 100% Cotton Wick for maximum burn time.They are environmentally friendly, clean burning, lead free, and intensely fragrant.

Blooming, or shifts in color is the sign of clean burning candles. This shift is caused by the reaction between pure soy wax and high percentages of quality fragrance oil. (This is a GOOD thing!) Candles that do not have blooming often contain paraffin or other additives. Our retail store customers keep coming back for more!

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